SALESmanago: Integration SMS Gateway - Create SMSAPI Account

An SMS gateway is an interface that makes it possible to receive and send SMS messages via other devices, such as a PC. 

For the normal user, this option is rather uninteresting, but large companies in particular like to use these interfaces again and again. They enable the fast mass sending of SMS whose content has been entered into an online application in advance. 


E-Mail after SMS 
An e-mail is simply sent, converted by the gateway and then appears as an SMS on the recipient's terminal device. This option is used less frequently due to the high availability of mobile devices and the sharp decline in landline connections, but is particularly valuable for time-critical alerts, as calls are less likely to be overlooked than SMS or e-mails. Here, a text message is entered into the online system and converted into a voice call by the SMS gateway and then read out to the recipient on the landline device by an automated voice. 



Log on to SMSapi ( 

This is an external service for sending SMS. Registration is free of charge. The account will be charged later for sending SMS. 

After successful registration, please provide us with your user name and password.  

These are required for the integration in SALESmanago.