Provide customer contact list

In order to better manage contact details, GetResponse offers the possibility to provide them in a contact list. 


How do I create a new contact list? 

To create a contact list in GetResponse, the following steps are necessary: 

  1. Select Contacts from the Dashboard toolbar. 
  2. Click the Create List button in Lists. 
  3. Enter the list name in the field provided. Note that each list name can only be used once per account. 
  4. Optionally, click Copy existing list settings. This will copy details such as sender email address, opt-in settings, confirmation email and language. 
  5. Click on Create. 

How can contacts add themselves to my list? 

GetResponse offers a few options to expand the email marketing database. The following options are used to enter contacts: 

  • Forms: Each form is assigned to a specific list. Forms can be easily created in GetResponse and integrated into the website. 
  • Landing pages: GetResponse offers the option to create landing pages without any knowledge of HTML. You can choose from predefined templates. 
  • Social media: Newsletters and RSS-to-emails can be published on Facebook and Twitter. Based on this, when creating the newsletter, the integrations must be activated in the newsletter settings at the bottom of the page under the selection Dispatch settings. The messages are then automatically published on the selected social media platforms with a Subscribe button so that contacts can subscribe there. 
  • Webinars: When you create a webinar, you will receive a link that you can post on social media, place on your blog or send via email. 
  • Surveys: When creating a survey, select the registration form as part of the survey from the list of question types. This way you not only collect participant information, but also capture their email address. 
  • Online news archive: Promote your online archive site - a newsletter directory where visitors can read your newsletters and subscribe to your lists. 
  • Conversion Funnel: When you create conversion funnels, you can automatically add contacts to your list by having visitors first sign up via a form on your landing page. To do this, go to Menu >> Conversion Funnel >> Create Funnel and select the funnel you want to create (Sales Funnel, Lead Funnel or Webinar Funnel). 


How can I add contacts to my lists? 

There are several ways to add contacts to your lists: 

  • Manually add contacts one at a time: This method allows you to quickly add the contact's name, email and custom field information. This is a convenient way to add up to 50 contacts per day. 
  • Import a contact list: Use this method to upload a file, paste a list from a file or connect to a third party. This method is best for large lists and lists with many custom fields. 
  • Set up recurring imports when using other services such as Magento or SugarCRM: You can define how often and which contact data should be updated. You can also use integrations that add new contacts when they complete a transaction. The list of all available integrations can be found on the Integrations & API page. 
  • Add contacts from popular platforms and websites using integrations and plugins. 
  • Add contacts via API (Application Programming Interface): This method is best suited for those with programming experience. See the API documents page for related documentation and support. 


How can I import a list of contacts? 

What should be considered before importing? 

  1. Your list must meet all requirements. These include, for example, file size, file format and data formatting. 
  2. Pay attention to the quality of your list. It must not contain any role email addresses (not assigned to a person). 
  3. Obtain the consent of the contacts before importing them (double opt-in). 

The next step is the actual import: 

  1. Go to Lists and click Add Contacts. 
  2. Select the list on the next page. 
  3. Then select Upload file, Use external service or Insert rows to specify how you want to add the contacts. 

Then you can choose between uploading a file, copying and pasting a list and using an external service. 


Upload a file: 

To upload a file you can do the following: 

  • Drag and drop the file into the file area. 
  • Select file to browse your documents and select the file. 

Copy and paste a list: 

Select Insert from file. Only one email address can be entered per line. If you want to import other fields besides the email address, they must be separated by commas or semicolons. 



Connecting a service: 

For a one-time list import, you can also use an external service. To set up the connection, additional information must be provided, such as the API key, host address, user name, and so on. The specific information depends on which account you want to connect. Enter the required information in the appropriate field when prompted. 


Complete the upload: 

When uploading, it is possible to add files or update existing data: 

  • Add and update existing: New contacts are added and information for existing contacts is updated (overwritten). 
  • Add new only: Only new contacts are added, existing contacts are skipped. 
  • Update existing only: Only information for existing contacts is updated. 

Finally, the following steps are necessary: 

  1. Confirm that you have their consent to add them to your list. 
  2. Then click Next to assign the custom fields on the next page. 
  3. When assigning the fields, you determine which custom fields are used in GetResponse for the contact data. To skip the assignment of custom fields to all unassigned fields, click Skip columns marked with a "?” 
  4. Klick dann auf Import


How can I add contacts to a list using the smartphone app? 

  1. iPhone App: Go to your contacts, tap the icon in the top right corner, then select whether to add a new contact manually or from your iPhone's address book. 
  2. Android App: Go to your contacts and tap the blue plus at the bottom of the screen. Then select the list to which you want to add the contact, as well as their name and email address. You can also assign custom fields and add the contact to the cycle. Tap Add Contact to complete the process. To add a contact from your address book, tap the contact import icon in the top right corner.