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Meetings / Jour fixe appointments

Participation in the virtual meeting (via Microsoft Teams)

Our meetings take place virtually. We use Microsoft Teams for this purpose.
In the meeting invitations we send out, there is always a link to the meeting.
To participate in the respective meeting, click on this link: "Click here to join the meeting". This is located at the bottom of the invitation.


Jour fixe appointments
These are fixed, regularly recurring appointments - e.g. "every second Thursday of the month". This appointment is reserved for project coordination in order to be able to compare the status, clarify questions, discuss problems and plan the next steps.


Monthly agreements (performance marketing report)

At this meeting we will look at the Performance Marketing Report together and discuss the figures and KPIs of the previous month.
The Performance Marketing Report, which is part of this meeting, is automatically generated and sent to you on the first of the month..


Attendance at meetings

If you are unable to attend a scheduled meeting, please inform us in good time (at least 1 day before the respective meeting) so that we can schedule an alternative date.

If you do not inform us, we will dial into the meeting and - in case of no-show - leave the meeting after 10 minutes. The time will be tracked as project time, as usual.

Please also inform us as soon as possible if you are going to be late for an appointment. Again, if you do not show up on time, we will leave the meeting after 10 minutes. Please understand that we will then not be able to facilitate an alternative appointment.

Please let us know the topics you would like to discuss in the meeting at least one day before the respective meeting. Then we can schedule and prepare your points accordingly.