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CONTENT MARKETING: Briefing Content Marketing

So that we can brief our authors according to your wishes and ideas, we need a short briefing from you. We provide you with a template for this purpose. In the following we briefly explain the briefing points (in cursive).




Please send posting schedule 

Text type 

Unless otherwise agreed Blogpost 


Overall theme of your blog/business 


What should be communicated to the reader? Should there be a link to a specific action/product/page?  


Is a uniform button text desired? 

Word specification/text length 

Unless otherwise contractually agreed 600-800 words 

Requested references 

Internal and/or external linking required? 

Preferred research sources 

Should research sources be mentioned? 

Keyword density 

% share of the keyword in the article. 

Desired representation 

e.g. headlines, bulleted lists, tables, header image size 

Blog categories 

Are there specific categories in your blog? 


Each article is individual; you are welcome to send us requests for content, e.g. structure, for the respective article (scheduling in Clickup). 


e.g. introduction, several content sections, conclusion 


Communication guidelines, general style of articles 

Please avoid 

Means of content or style to be avoided 

Reader address 

Addressing the reader directly 

Target audience 

Short background information on the target audience, if available you are welcome to send us your personas. 

Company information 

Industry, Products, USPs 

You are welcome to upload additional information such as sample articles or personas to us in the cloud.