SALESmanago: DKIM and SPF Setup

To authorise SALESmanago to send emails on behalf of your company, DKIM and SPF must be set.


What is SPF? 

SPF (Sender Policy Framework) is a spam protection method that makes it more difficult to forge the sender of an e-mail: The sender of an e-mail is requested to authenticate. 

The SPF procedure prevents the sending of e-mails via non-legitimate Mail Transfer Agents (MTAs). A Mail Transfer Agent (or Message Transfer Agent) is the software of a mail server that receives and sends e-mails. 

For this purpose, the owner of a domain enters into the Domain Name System (DNS) which addresses of MTAs are authorised to send e-mails for this domain. 


How to add SPF entries? 

The SPF records should be added by the mail server administrator or the person responsible for the domain. Add the following records to the DNS settings of your domain or subdomain: 

Type of record: TXT 
Main value of the data set: v=spf1 

Attention. If such a record already exists for the domain, simply extend it by adding: 



v=spf1 mx include: -all 

v=spf1 mx include: – all 


What is DKIM? 

DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) is another identification protocol for ensuring the authenticity of e-mail senders. 

As a supplement to the SPF protocol, DKIM ensures that there have been no changes to the content of a sent e-mail until it has reached the recipient. 


How to add DKIM entries? 

Registration with the DKIM key requires adding records to the DNS in each domain. 

Type of data set: CHNAME 
Main value of the data set: